Flagstaff Community Christian School is committed to equip each student in his/her God-given destiny. Offering a variety of experiences and activities allows a student to define, experiment, and grow in that destiny. 

Athletics – Physical Education is taught from Kindergarten to grade 8. Grades 5-8 participate in cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. FCCS Warriors have an annual Kickball Tourney which also raises money for a local charity.

Arts – Music and Art are taught from Kindergarten to grade 8. Drama productions are held at various times throughout the year which include all students.

Adventure Trip – Each year 5-8 grade students take a week-long Adventure Trip to one of the following places: Yellowstone, Catalina Island, Maritime Museum/SeaWorld, Grand Staircase to experience geology, creation, history, geography, and much more.

After School Care – Parents needing to have their student stay later than dismissal can pay for After School Care. Students receive a snack, activities, and help with homework.

After School Clubs – Students choose from a variety of clubs after school: hiking, sports, tutoring, drama, or home economics.

Community Service- Serving others and our community is a large part of the culture we have at FCCS. This can vary from a clean-up project at the school campus to traveling to another country. It will be age-appropriate and on some occasions will involve the entire school.

FCCS has adopted the Flagstaff Police Department to daily pray for and partner in community events and outreach.  FCCS students serve their community in a variety of ways with Adopt-A-Hwy, NAOMI House, and Christmas bags for Mission to the Navajos.

Chapel – Our weekly time to gather as an entire student body to worship and hear teaching from faculty or staff, as well as members from our community. Students receive a chapel buddy, where older students mentor younger students.

Cultural Diversity Week – Students will explore cultures from around the world through personal discovery and research, as well as cultural events throughout the week.

Library – FCCS has an excellent library to encourage recreational reading by each student.

Science Fair – Students learn the scientific process, research techniques, and presentation through a research paper and science fair project.

Speech Meet – Encouraging and building confidence in each FCCS student to speak and communicate in front of a group of people, the speech meet is a great opportunity to develop skills as each student will give a speech in a school-wide speech meet. Students who receive high marks are then invited to give their speech at a local, public venue in our annual Speech Slam.

Spelling Bee – Each student participates in a grade level spelling bee and the top two students in each grade level are invited to compete in the regional spelling bee held in Prescott, AZ

Student Council – Each year the entire student body elects a student body president. Grades 6-8 then elect two representatives each from their class to make up FCCS Student Council. Student Council focuses on 3 areas: FCCS service projects, community service projects, and building community within FCCS.

Summer Reading Program – FCCS students are encouraged to read during the summer break.

Tutoring – One-on-one tutoring with a faculty member or teacher aide during the school day happen as needed for each FCCS student. There is also tutoring after school if parents are still looking for additional help.

Yearbook – The yearbook staff is made up of students who grow in the skills of photography, editing, and design. A FCCS yearbook is made each year and available for families to purchase at the end of the school year.